About me

I’m Adnan, an Interactive Designer/Developer based in New York City.

I live for web design, development and production. I love doing 360 panoramas, animations, and photography. I’m an expert photo editor, and I audio and video edit. I know several content management systems, and I test sites for quality assurance.

I’m the Interactive Designer/Developer at the New York Post. I design and develop products and processes as necessary for the digital network of New York Post. I’ve created the websites promoting the publication’s store, e-books, bus tour, and other specialty projects.

Before The Post, I worked at The Daily where I earned multiple promotions in just two years. I happily joined the team in its pre-productions stage, launching the news app to its feet and solving unforeseen design/technical problems every day.

I earned my undergraduate degree in computer science at Bangladesh’s top university.


212 300 6122